never stand still the big draw: paper and pencils.. trying to sketch children ...impossible, they are too quick..

.at the same pace.



..Punta Ala with my sister anna..making the most of the last days of holiday and of sunshine.. beautifully relaxing week.. but still aching for going horse ridding..


.searching for the horizon.

..reading on the beach..'the Dark heart of Italy' by Tobias Jones..enjoying an englishman trying to understand italians..a bit laughing, a bit criticising, a bit loving.. trying to discover all I can about my country before leaving again..


.when the lights go yellow.

..cicling home at four in the morning after the 'collinetta' di san siro.. lost mauro on the way home..


..peeping into courtyards at Erice.. terribly slippery alleyways nearly got me to the floor..

..on the terrace at Ignazio's,an authentic palermitan with red hair and blu eyes.. after a night at the 'magione' , and after already too many 'pezzi'.. getting to know fede and tospu..

..suono volgare emesso con un forte soffio a labbra serrate, in segno di disprezzo o di scherno: fare una pernacchia..

..luca e la sua birra....

..being a turist in my city: wandering round Ticinese.. found the beautiful "Casera" in San Gottardo 14..